“To redefine comfort and style across America, becoming a household name for quality textiles and garments in homes and hotels.”

We strive to import and wholesale superior quality linen, textiles, and garments, catering to our customers’ diverse needs with a commitment to excellence, sustainability, and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

1. Hotel Linen​

We specialize in providing hotels with a comprehensive range of luxury linens. Our products, ranging from plush bed sheets to soft bathrobes, are designed to elevate the guest experience, ensuring maximum comfort and a touch of elegance. Our high-quality linen withstands frequent washing, maintaining its luxurious feel while meeting the rigorous demands of the hospitality industry.

2.Home Textiles

 Our home textiles collection brings together beauty, comfort, and practicality. We offer everything from stylish bed linen sets to decorative pillows and functional kitchen textiles. Each piece is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring durability and easy care, enhancing every home’s aesthetic and comfort.


Our garments line is curated with an eye for fashion, quality, and comfort. We cater to a diverse range of styles and sizes keeping in mind the needs of US market, ensuring that everyone can find something to love. From casual wear to more formal attire, each piece in our collection is designed to make the wearer look and feel their best.


We offer a variety of socks designed for daily wear, athletic activities, and specific health needs. Our everyday socks offer durability and comfort, made from breathable materials that wick moisture away. Our Diabetic Socks are specifically designed to promote better circulation and provide maximum comfort, reducing risks associated with diabetic foot complications.

6.Active Wears

Our active wear line is designed to encourage healthier, active lifestyles. With a focus on comfort, flexibility, and breathability, our active wear supports peak performance. From yoga pants to running shirts, each piece is designed to move with the body, supporting a wide range of physical activities.

If you are interested in more information about us, our products or anything else, feel free to contact us.